If you are a creator of any artistic discipline, these grants may be for you.


We announce our second call for international residencies for creators
#inCórdoba2023 with the aim of transforming and revitalising Córdoba (Spain) through culture, art and creation.

Call for applications: from February, 16th to March, 17th 2023.

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A. Conditions of this call for applications

1. A selection panel, with an internationally renowned trajectory will select the projects that improve, from an excellence perspective, the cultural fabric of the city in the following categories in a broad and innovative sense:

  • Visual and plastic arts
  • Literature, humanities, comic
  • Film and audiovisual
  • Dramatic arts and music
  • Crafts and artistic jewellery
  • Gastronomy and oenology
  • Digital art
  • Environmental art
  • Sustainable fashion

2. In this second call, which will take place in May 2023, a maximum of 10 residencies for national and international artists will be awarded. Among the 10 residencies, two are reserved for artists from Ukraine.

3. Amounts for artist residencies.

a) Artist Residencies

The artists that are selected will receive a 1.500 € payment for their residence and the development of their project in the historic centre of Córdoba (Spain). In addition, the panel will be able to decide, at their discretion, to bestow an additional grant to pay for materials, up to a maximum of €1,000, and provide a work space that meets the needs of the project.
4. The acceptance of the grants involve the acceptance of the present conditions.

5. The call for applications will open Ferbruary 16th 2022, and will close on March 17th 2022 at 12:00 PM Spanish time.

6. The applicant must fill in the form , in Spanish or English, for the corresponding category, that can found at the webpage

7. The applicant must also send, together with the form, a copy of their DNI (if Spanish) or passport or residence permit for non-Spanish applicants.

8. Assessment criteria for artist residencies

a) The assessment criteria for artist residencies will be the following:

  • Career trajectory (4 points)
  • Project (5 points)
  • Involvement in the territory (1 point)

9. In the case of a conflict of interest between a submitted project and a member of the panel, the latter will abstain from voting.

10. The application for collaboration between local and non-local artists must be filled in by both parties and include the information fields of both applicants that are required in the conditions (curriculum, name, nationality).

11. The artist residencies shall be paid in the first 5 days of each month, for the duration of theresidency.
These amounts are untaxed.

The beneficiaries must prove that they are in compliance with their obligations relating to the payment of taxes. They are also responsible for withholding any necessary taxes, depending on the case.

12. The jury will decide the amount of the budget that will be assigned for materials, once they have assessed the project and its needs. They can also propose a change of the type of aid (from residency to grant or vice versa).

13. The beneficiaries must communicate the acceptance of the grant or residency within a maximum period of five working days (5) counted from the next day of the notification of the concession published on the webpage and social media of córdoba ciudad de las ideas (córdoba city of ideas). If the subsidy is not accepted within that period, it will be understood that they renounce to the aforementioned subsidy.

14. Significant modifications of the initial projects must be agreed on with the organization.

15. The beneficiaries who abandon the project, without a duly justified cause, must reimburse the whole amount of the grant, being the jury those that have the authority to decide, as a last resort, the appropriateness.

Likewise, the termination of the grant by the organization should be duly justified for reasons of force majeure, such as the material impossibility of the realization of the project, or circumstances that advise said termination, without it being necessary to reimburse the amount that has been paid.

The organization may suspend the grants, and claim the amount already paid in any of the following circumstances: total or partial unfulfillment of the objective, of the activity or the non-adoption of the behaviour that substantiates the concession of the grant; the unfulfillment of the conditions of the call for applications; abandonment of the functions inherent to the condition of grant holder, verification that the grant was obtained without meeting the requirements and breach of the obligation of justification or insufficient justification.

In the case of renunciation by the beneficiary, the organization will determine, if applicable, the request for a total or partial reimbursement of the paid amounts or, solely, the loss of the right of the beneficiary to collect the pending payments.

16. The personal data that are required for the call of applications will be processed in compliance with Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 27 April 2016, and with Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, of Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights.

17. If, at the start date of the activities prior to the residencies and due to a major cause, the organisation reserves the right to modify the number of scholarships, amount or date of the same, prior notice to the interested parties.

18. The artists awarded grants must cede to the Artdecor Foundation the exploitation rights, in the terms admitted by the Law, of the work that is the object of the project and grant indefinitely, with the Foundation being the derivative owner of the work.

19. The organization Córdoba Ciudad de las Ideas will not be held responsible for the documentation of the projects that are not selected, proceeding to erase the aforementioned, three months after the publication of the beneficiaries.

B. Specific obligations fot the residences

1. The residences entail the obligation to reside in the historic centre of Cordoba, for which purpose the grantee will be provided with a map of available housing. The resident must assume the costs of board and lodging during their stay in the city.

2. The beneficiaries of the residencies must present themselves in Cordoba between May 2nd and 4th. Any modification to the calendar must be approved by the organisers of Córdoba Ciudad de las Ideas. In the first week of June, the projects will be shown to the public.

3. The beneficiaries of a Residency shall exclusively dedicate themselves to the development of the Project they have been selected for over the course of the Residency.

4. In the case of grant holders of foreign countries, they must obtain their corresponding visa in sufficient advance in order to start their Residency within the established period of time, applying for their visa and assuming the necessary expenses for its issue, as well as respecting the corresponding legislation.

5. The acceptance of a Residency entails the acceptance to participate in its promotion, with interviews, articles and other communication campaigns. And likewise, it entails the compulsory participation in the calendar of activities of Córdoba ciudad de las ideas, with a minimum of an activity a month. Those projects that develop their own programme of activities in the city, such as those of cultural affairs, must also fulfill this obligation.

6. The beneficiaries must be in possession of a Spanish public health card, a European health insurance card or, if applicable, private health insurance, during the development of their project in Córdoba.

7. Within a maximum period of thirty days since the finalisation of the project, the beneficiary must present electronically a justification report.

8. The beneficiaries of plastic arts Residencies must donate one of the works of art created during their stay in the city. In the case of performing, drama, literary and publication projects, they must include in a visible place, the logos of Córdoba ciudad de las ideas and the information that the project was developed thanks to a grant in Córdoba, in the promotional material and/or in the publication in the case of it being a book.


No, the residencies will take place during the month of May 2023.

They are held in Córdoba, Spain.

Professional career (4 points), Project (5 points), Involvement in the territory (1

No, they are aimed at local and foreign creators who want to develop their projects in
the historic center of Córdoba.

Yes, these projects must demonstrate a link with the cultural and/or human heritage
of the city of Córdoba.

Professional career (2 points), Creative project (2 points), Sustainability (2 points),
Collaboration (2 points), Collaboration between locals and outsiders (2 points).

No, they are aimed at local and foreign creators who want to develop their projects in
the historic centre of Cordoba.

A. Visual and plastic arts; Literature, humanities, comic; Film and audiovisual;
Dramatic arts and music; Crafts and artistic jewellery; Gastronomy and oenology;
Digital art; Environmental art; Sustainable fashion

A payment of €1,500 as a grant for your residency and the development of your
project, plus a maximum of €1,000 for materials.

Payments for artist residencies will be made within the first 5 days of May.

In the case of scholarship holders from foreign countries, they must obtain the
corresponding visa sufficiently in advance in order to join the programme within the
established period for the start of the scholarship, carrying out the procedures and
assuming the necessary expenses to obtain it, as well as respecting the corresponding

The beneficiaries of a residency will devote themselves exclusively to the development of the project for which they have been selected.

The beneficiaries of the residencies must arrive in Cordoba within a maximum of
five (5) days from the start of the grant. The organisation of Córdoba city of ideas will pay for both the outward and return journeys. Any modification to the schedule must be approved by Córdoba city of ideas.