Press release

Selected artists at our first call for residencies and grants for creation


We now know the names of the artists selected in the first call for artists’ residencies and grants for creation córdoba ciudad de las idea. It was a great success of participation for
which, above all, we would like to thank you. In less than a month, the time the call has been open, we have received more than 700 applications from all over the world. A response that shows the interest that Cordoba awakens as a city of culture. And which we consider, most of all, to be a success for our city.

We have received applications from France, Mexico, the United States, Morocco, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Syria, Turkey, Thailand…

A jury of renowned prestigious architects, curators, archaeologists, artists, writers,
collectors, teachers… has been in charge of selecting, among all the interesting proposals
received, those that are going to be developed in Cordoba between the next months of
April and June.

Once the jury’s deliberations have been completed and the selected artists have been
informed, we are pleased to inform you of the results of the voting:

List of selected artists and projects

Members of the jury


Borja Casani, Editor, art curator and cultural manager

Francesca Thyssen, President of the TBA21 collection. Contemporary art collector

José Guirao, Director de la Fundación Montemadrid. Gestor cultural

Oscar Fernández, Coordinador Sala Exposiciones Vimcorsa y Centro de Arte Pepe Espaliú

Piluca Querol, Directora Andalucía Film Commission


ACADEMIA córdoba ciudad de las ideas:


Christian Domínguez, Art Curator

Nieves Galiot, Visual artist and teacher.

Marisa Vadillo, Doctor in Fine Arts, University of Seville. Artist and teacher.



Gabriel Núñez Hervás, writer and journalist.

Javier Mohedano, Professor of IES Averroes.

Juan Carlos Reche, Director of the Cervantes Institute in Rome. Translator and poet.



Javier Latorre, National Dance Prize 2011. Dancer

Juan Miguel Moreno Calderón, member of the Royal Academy of Cordoba and the Social Council of the University of Cordoba. Professor of piano.

Mercedes Tirado, Culture Technician at the Cordoba Provincial Council. Actress



Ana Zamorano, Member of the Board of Directors of the Medina Azahara Archaeological Ensemble. Archaeologist

Curro Crespo, founding member of the AMASCE cooperative and promoter of Espacioplástico. Architect

Lola Baena, Director of the Archaeological Museum of Cordoba and member of the Spanish ICOM Committee.



José Flowing, DJ Turnablist and skateboarder. Urban artist

Kisko García, Chef Estrella Michelín Restaurante Choco.

María Van Den Eynde, Director of Flora. Cultural manager

The designer Palomo Spain has also been very close to the whole team although he was unable to join us at the end of the deliberations as the date overlapped with his trip to Paris as a candidate for the Louis Vuitton Awards. Palomo will not miss our next edition though, which will also include Mar Delgado, the Rector’s Delegate for International Projection and Luis Medina, Vice Rector for Culture, Communication and Social Projection at the University of Cordob. Their schedules prevented them from joining us on this occasion as well.

Thank you for trusting córdoba city of ideas in the way that, with your overwhelming
participation, you have done.